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Here at Femme, we have the whole package under one roof, providing stunning hair and long-lasting make-up looks for the entire bridal party, we can help you create your perfect wedding day look in the salon or we can come to you.

Feeling good about yourself is the key to enjoying your wedding day and knowing you look your best definitely helps. We like to create a relaxed and happy environment for our clients to make the styling process fun and ensure the day runs smoothly.

Wedding Hair


Bridal trials are ideally done anytime from 1 – 6 months before the wedding, this way the look will still be fresh in your mind when the day arrives.

There is no rush, our job is to help you design your look so it suits you perfectly and you feel happy and confident with the result. The best part is that you don’t have to decide on the style immediately, pictures will be taken of each look, allowing you to go through them after the trial, show friends, family etc. and be 100% sure you will feel and look wonderful on the day.

Trial prices £35 per hour

Wedding Hair

Booking Without A Trial

Although a trial is recommended, you may also book your wedding hair or make up without having a trial.

If you have a clear idea of the hair and make up you want we can have a consultation to discuss this before the day.

Additional time will be added to the schedule so we can discuss the look before we start styling. We will have no problem creating a look that is stunning for your special day!

Wedding Hair
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