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Waxperts Waxing

Here at Femme we are extremely proud to announce that we offer the award winning Waxperts Wax in the salon.

Waxperts first began in 2008 in Dun Laoghaine, Dublin and has taken the industry by storm. Waxperts Original hot wax was formulated for sensitive skin types to achieve a smooth, pain-free, easy wax with little redness after the treatment and most importantly there is no double dipping!

The wax has a lower melting point of 62 degrees celsius, making it perfect for sensitive skins as it is gentle on the skin and has less risk of burns or heat sensitivity and id also great for even the strongest hair type.

You’re in for a treat, the entire Waxperts range is lavender based, lavender is a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory so wave good bye to that irritated, red, bumpy skin after waxing so you can continue with your day with out the usual tell tales signs after waxing.

Waxperts Waxing
Waxperts Waxing

Here at Femme we offer the following treatments-

Basic Bikini – This removes hair from the outside of the underwear line and inner thigh. Perfect for the “Bridget Jones” underwear.

Extended Bikini – Removes hair from the inner thigh and comes in further than the underwear line. This treatment also removes a small strip of hair from the top of the bikini line to neaten up the bikini wax.

Inbetweeny – Perfect for the g- string underwear. Hair is removed from the inner thigh and comes in tight to the upper area of the bikini line. A large strip is removed from the top of the bikini line and hair is removed from the bum.

Brazilian – Removes all bikini hair, leaving a small “landing strip” above the pubic bone.

Hollywood – Removes ALL bikini hair- this treatment does not leave a single hair.

Waxperts Waxing

What are the main benefits to waxing?

Smoother For Longer –  Waxing is a very effective hair removal method. Rather than removing hair at the skins surface, waxperts waxing removes the hair right down from the root, giving you weeks rather than days to enjoy your smoothest skin ever.

Nicer To Your Skin – In contrast to other hair removal methods like shaving and hair-removing creams, waxing does not cause cuts, abrasions, pigmentation or razor burn. In addition to this, all waxperts waxes have a low melting point, and are infused with lavender – meaning they’re kinder and gentler on your delicate skin.

Less Growth – With waxing hair becomes thinner over time, which simplifies the waxing process and lessens the amount of appointments you’ll need. You’ll also find that the hairs grow back finer, avoiding the dreaded stubble effect.

Cost Effective – Shaving might initially seem like the cheaper option right? But waxing lasts for weeks whereas with shaving you’re lucky to get a couple of days! The cost of a good quality razor and blades is quite significant in comparison, along with the accompanying creams and soothing products.

Professional Finish – Every time you come for your waxing appointment you’ll be treated to a professional and friendly waxing experience by one of our therapists. Your therapist will leave no stray hair behind, and your skin will be treated to our wonderful Waxperts body oils infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils. We put the ‘treat’ back into your waxing treatment!

Waxperts Waxing
Waxperts Waxing

Waxperts Wonder Pads…

This award-winning product is the daily solution to prevent and treat ingrowing hairs. With the use of salicylic acids, rosemary and panthenol to combat unsightly lumps and bumps.

Salicylic acid – a well-known exfoliating property and acne treatment

Rosemary – has anti-inflammatory properties

Panthenol – A mouisturiser that improves the hydration of the skin, reduces itching and accelerates healing.

This product is gentle enough for daily use but tough enough to achieve!!

Avoid using fo 24 hours after waxing and 12 hours after shaving.


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